Flat Glass Software and Point-of-Sale

GlasPacLX is the only glass estimating software with the flexibility to handle all of your shop’s unique flat glass shapes, fabrications, pricing, and a point of sale system to handle billing and payments.

Glass estimating and invoicing streamlined for windows, doors, mirrors, and more.

Creating estimates for residential glass installations can often require complex calculations for irregular shapes and materials. GlasPacLX is flat glass software that was built with this kind of complexity in mind. It allows you to capture and/or define custom glass shapes and perform the calculations for you to create more accurate estimates for windows, mirrors, doors, and more.

Customizable Flat Glass Software
  • Design, estimate, and install windows, gables, and arches using custom glass shapes and materials.
  • Use the 50+ predefined glass shapes preloaded into the software for easy calculations when estimating.
  • Define custom products for shower doors, windows, and other specialty items.

Advanced customization for shower estimating, quoting, and installation.

GlasPacLX’s Shower Door Kit Estimator enables you be very flexible with your pricing and quoting for shower installation. You are able create estimates that price by dimension, thickness, glass type, and more. You can also add special options and fabrications, as well as custom labor rates. Finally, you are able to load up custom price lists to easily pull from when creating a new estimate or quote, and if you have special discounts for certain customers or accounts you can apply those automatically to any order as well.

Flat Glass point-of-sale and flexible pricing
  • Create multiple price lists for different product types and groups.
  • Update product prices in bulk.
  • Create discounts for specific customers or customer types.
  • Automatically add upcharges for fabrications and special options.

Manage your inventory within your Point of Sale.

Unlike other flat glass software options, GlasPacLX has a full suite of inventory management features. Anywhere between a small selection in the back of the shop to a full glass warehouse is supported. LX can quickly locate the parts you need with powerful search tools and let you add them to any order with a click of a button. It will also automatically keep your inventory current as you use your stock on job orders.

One Page Order Entry
  • Use inventory control to automatically source from inventory when a part is in stock.
  • Set smart rules and alerts for part stocking and reordering.
  • Add new line items from inventory on the fly.

Commercial Glazing

Commercial job management, glazing, and storefront estimating.

Commercial Glazing Software
  • Manage large scale commercial glazing jobs
  • Automatically deduct contractor retainage or hold back
  • Create AIA forms with one click
  • Attach drawings and job documents directly to your order listing in the software
  • Integrate with GDS Software for storefront estimating

The Perfect Match for Your Flat Glass Business

From shower design, to window installation, to glazing, businesses in the flat glass industry have a lot unique and complex need. That’s why GlasPacLX has the flexibility and customization options to fit a variety of needs and business types. Start using a Point of Sale that will allow you to run your business your way, and not force you adjust your process to fit within another cookie cutter software.