Auto Glass Software Built For Growing Shops

GlasPacLX has the features and functionality to help unlock your shop’s full potential

Auto Glass Part Lookup and Ordering

Order the right automotive glass at the right cost for every job

auto glass part ordering
  • Gain access to an exclusive, manufacturer supplied database to find exact NAGS and OEM parts using only a VIN
  • Use inventory control to automatically source from inventory when a part is in stock and order from a distributor when it’s not.
  • Setup custom parts and pricing for products beyond just auto glass
  • Set smart rules and alerts for part stocking and re-ordering
  • Connect directly to major glass industry distributors PGW, Pilkington, and Mygrant

Advanced Scheduling and Job Tracking

Automatically optimize your shop’s schedule every week

Scheduling and Job Tracking
  • Stay on top of your day-to-day operations with real-time tracking of appointments and jobs across your region.
  • Use the Google Maps integration to have an overall view of when and where your team needs to be, and maximize your shop’s efficiency.
  • Save enough time in your shop’s schedule to allow for at least one extra job every week

One Page Order Entry

Complete every step in the order entry process without having to click through multiple windows

auto glass software order entry
  • View customer, product, and scheduling information all on one screen and quickly source from inventory or generate purchase orders for buy-outs.
  • Easily track workflow from Quote, to Work Order, to invoice and find orders quickly and easily with powerful search tools.
  • Add new line items and adjust or override preset pricing on the fly

Integrated EDI Billing and Dispatching

Receive dispatches and invoice electronically to reduce the cost and wait times with insurance work

EDI Billing
  • Send EDIs directly to LYNX and Gerber through our GLAXIS integration and receive dispatches through the same connection
  • Support for invoicing and receiving dispatches through other TPAs such as Harmon or Safelite is also included

Seamless QuickBooks Accounting Integration

Stay on top of your billing, expenses, and finances by integrating with software you already use

account and auto glass software integration
  • Integrate your Quickbooks software and transfer data automatically
  • Easily sync your customer and vendor accounts
  • Automatically post invoices and cash sales to sales and cost of goods accounts.
  • Keep your GL inventory account up to date with auto adjusting inventory and purchase order receipts

The Right Auto Glass Software for Your Shop

GTS has been the leading software provider in the glass industry for over 30 years. Our software will maximize your productivity, drive down costs and ultimately increase your sales.

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